Applying Hamilton: Mashup

I ignored a call this evening. I could have picked it up. I wasn’t doing anything that couldn’t’ve waited. I definitely needed the outlet it would have provided.

I opted for a large glass of wine and a shower and didn’t call back. Thoughts of you subside / Then I get another letter / I cannot put the notion away…

I’ve been listening to a lot of Hamilton lately. (By the way, you should really follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter. His morning and night posts are good for the soul.)

After so long, I know exactly what I want. The kind of partner I want, the kind of relationship I want. So this is what it feels like / To match wits with someone on your level / What the hell is the catch…

It’s a pretty big catch. And I am not quite brave enough to take it on. Have you ever seen somebody ruin their own life? 

I’ve never waited for anything in my life until I started waiting for you. I’m more of a jump in with both feet and see where you land type of person. I’m just like my country / I’m young, scrappy, and hungry / And I’m not throwing away my shot

I didn’t even know I was standing still until someone pointed it out and told me to get off my ass and move on. I’m not standing still / I am lying in wait

But I am done waiting. You get nothing if you / Wait for it…

I’ve had the better part of a bottle of wine tonight, internet. These are about 250 words that probably should not be published. But oh well.  He was right / You will never be satisfied…


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